49 Ways to Think Yourself Well

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Author: Jan Alcoe; Emily Gajewski
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Written by two highly experienced therapists and trainers, '49 Ways to Think Yourself Well' is a unique, dip-in guide full of information, techniques and simple practices to recover, enhance and sustain well-being.Many of us struggle to cope with the challenges of living in a complex and uncertain world, as evidenced by increasing rates of depression, anxiety, substance misuse, eating difficulties, insomnia and chronic health problems in our society. We can find ourselves caught in habits and patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving which get in the way living life in the way we would really like to.Drawing on a wide range of tried and tested approaches to improving mental health and well-being, including cognitive behaviour therapy, hypnotherapy, mindfulness, compassion-focused therapy and much more, this book makes the links between the science of the mind and how to feel better - physically, emotionally and mentally. It clearly shows how understanding the strong links between our thinking, emotions and behaviour can give us back control - to improve our physical health, overcome anxiety and negative thoughts, boost self-confidence and motivation, keep calm in the face of difficulty, improve our relationships and reach our personal goals. Includes a host of practical ways for boosting well-being on all levels.

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